Week 3

With the beginning of week 4. My team committed to prioritizing our bottle materials, bottle model, camera movements, environment layout, and sky dome.

Camera Movements

Since our previous critique revealed that there were still many issues with our camera movements. We saw that it was appropriate that this was the first aspect of the commercial we undertook at the beginning of week 3. The issue with our previous camera movement was that it was slow and seemed too "robotic". To help solve this issue, we used our physical bottle reference and experimented with camera movements with the cameras on our phones. We filmed these live action camera motions two separate times. One during the day, and one at night. The reason why we did this was for us to better understand how the glass and plastic refracts the light.

Day Version:

Night Version:


The environment was an important element of the level that we still had a lot of ground to cover. So I decided that while my teammates handled the materials and the modeling of the bottle, I would go ahead and start experimenting with what our final environment would look like. Due to the limited time we have and prioritization, we unanimously agreed to use assets for either unreal market place or quixel bridge. We found an asset pack in quixel bridge that best suited our environment. The only minor adjustments we had to apply to the assets was we added a de-saturation node to the material. After some minor adjustments and assembling different versions of the level, we decided to present this version is the closest that we want our final environment to look like.