Week 10 Updates

After mentor feedback at the beginning of week four, we decided as a team that our top priority is to lock in our shot lengths and camera cuts. We are also proceeding to shoot our next live action plate this week after having our location confirm.

For the coming week this is what I will need to prioritize:

  1. Get live plate and Hdri shot by the middle of the week.

  2. Get camera projections functioning in shot 5.

  3. Work on lighting

  4. Have Logo in shot 5 added and animated

  5. Have background music as a place holder (sound designer pending)

Live Plate Updates

For the BG live plates. We re-shot our backgrounds upon request of the mentors and professors to make the shots darker and more "creepy". The day after week 4 critiques, me and my teammate Nathan went out to a local forest and shot our new BG plates and HDRI.


For the Lighting, we chose to do a dark and moody theme in order to match with the theme of death from our product. This of course will come with its challenges in the future such as preventing the environment from becoming to dark or making it difficult for integrating the live background plate into the scene.

While the team was discussing the lighting for the commercial. We went ahead and created a color script as well to reference in the future. We will most likely use the color script in the future in order to keep the color relationship between the product and environment balanced.