Week 3 Updates

As we enter week 3, me and my team have started to see the assembly of our project come together and get a better idea of how our shots are starting to look like. We of course have much work to do still, especially with the idea of now having to look into replacing our live action BG plate with something darker and "creepier".


With our background plate having to be replaced, I decided to take advantage of this moment and think of a different way to approach this project. After some thought, me and my team decided to look into camera projections. The plan is too potentially take a single or multiple backgrounds and combine them into a single one.

When looking for other potential backgrounds to make a new BG plate, I started to look into pexel assets that could likely replace our old background. Our main idea was to make it creepier than the previous versions. Our idea now is to have the can in a dark forest with camera projection effecting the trees to add depth to the environment. The examples below are some simple iterations to show an idea of what it would it could end up possibly look like in the end.

The idea that our can is sitting on the table may be work-shopped in the future. Until then we are keeping it as a place holder for future ideas.


For the Lighting, we chose to do a dark and moody theme in order to match with the theme of death from our product. This of course will come with its challenges in the future such as preventing the environment from becoming to dark or making it difficult for integrating the live background plate into the scene.

While the team was discussing the lighting for the commercial. We went ahead and created a color script as well to reference in the future. We will most likely use the color script in the future in order to keep the color relationship between the product and environment balanced.