Week 4 Updates

After mentor feedback at the beginning of week four, we decided as a team that our top priority is to lock in our shot lengths and camera cuts. We are also proceeding to shoot our next live action plate this week after having our location confirm.

For the coming week this is what I will need to prioritize:

  1. Get live plate and Hdri shot by the middle of the week.

  2. Get camera projections functioning in shot 5.

  3. Work on lighting

  4. Have Logo in shot 5 added and animated

  5. Have background music as a place holder (sound designer pending)

Live Plate Updates

The day after week 4 critiques, me and my teammate Nathan went out to a local forest and shot our new BG plates and HDRI. Upon mentor recommendations and discussing with the team, we decided to go with a "creepy" forest background at night. Because of scheduling issues and concern for overall safety, me and Nathan decided it would be best to shot during the morning and I take the shots and do a day-for-night effect on our BG plates.

Shortly after the shoot, I ran the new BG plate and HDR through Nuke and did a simple day-for-night effect on both.

Camera Projections

After some discussion about potential camera moves for the shot sequence. I decided it was best to incorporate camera moves into our shot sequence to add depth and a parallax effect to our backgrounds. This will also allow me in he future to edit overlay effects between the foreground and background according to which way we lean towards in the future if needed.

I first had to run the original BG plate through photoshop. I then duplicated and started to erase and edit each duplicated layer according to what it was going to be (foreground, middle ground, background, etc.). I then imported the photoshop file into Nuke and looked into the imported photoshop read node options and selected "Breakout Layers". This unique function in Nuke speeds up the process by making nuke read the photoshop project file and break up the file into separate layers according to how many layers are in the original photoshop project while also keeping the naming conventions.