Week 6 Updates

For the coming week this is what I will need to prioritize:

  1. Solve color space issues

  2. Work on depth of field

  3. Add ember overlay on shot 03

Depth of Field

For Shot 04 especially, we needed to have a good depth of field. It was simple to apply, but it does have some issues properly applying to the main product can. The edges feather when the depth of field gets to high causing the effect to be broken somewhat. There are some solutions that I'm deploying to try to combat this issue such as looking into other ways to create the effect or even adjusting the sliders every now and then to see what I can save in the effect. In the future I may need to turn down this effect to get rid of the harsh feather effect.

Added Ember Overlay

To add additional depth and continuity form shot 02 to 03, I decided to add a ember over the shot 03. As we raise the camera up and over the fire in shot 02, I thought it would only make sense that there would still be burning embers coming up from the fire below. Collaborating with my team member Galina, she did a quick ember sim in Houdini and handed it off to me so I could apply and adjust it in comp. There is still some adjustments to be made but I believe for the shot it is heading in the right direction.