Week 8 Updates

For the coming week this is what I will need to prioritize:

  1. Comp in new liquid transition

  2. Work on transitions

  3. Work on motion blur

  4. Work on BG plates

  5. Work on ember overlay asset in shot 02 and 03

Comped Foreground Elements

For our foreground elements we needed more control over them on overall. It was a simple solution of just having to do render passes of them separate from the render farm. The only issue this causes is that now the foreground fire does not effect the environment as well as it did before. This was corrected to the best of my ability but may need to be revisited in the future.

Liquid Transition Issues

There has been some issues regarding the new liquid transition between shots 02 and 03. When rendered out it suffered two separate frame drops that caused it to lag slightly. The real trouble came when adjusting and adding motion blur in nuke to the new liquid transition. It caused the liquid to freeze in mid air and look a little jarring. For the time being it did not make the final cut but the team plans on still revisiting it just in case.

After solving some issues with motion blur, I finally managed to successfully add motion blur without causing any of our assets to suffer from sub-steps. The main issue was rather a simple solution. When working in plain Nuke, some nodes like motion blur are locked in to a certain sample rate. If you simply switch over to NukeX this issue is resolved and it will give you back the option of adjusting samples.

Motion Blur Adjustments