Week 4

The video above is what I have so far as regards of previs. A new Previs will be posted later this week

Models Update

So far I have polished and refined the models for the bookshelves, walls, ceiling, and currently working on the chairs and tables. More updates on the models will be coming soon this week . By the middle of this week I have the goal to start working on revisiting the UV's on the bookshelves and walls in order to account for adjustments and additional geometry.

Sound Design

For sound design, I've worked out a list of sound and music effects to incorporate into the sequence. Most of the sound will consist of the background music along with some editing to the song to help translate the environment switch. The music still remains the same with the main background music being "Lullaby of the Leaves" by George Olsen. Other than that it will be simple nighttime ambience and floorboards creaks. The list below goes into further detail of what I look to have added to the sequence.

  • Nighttime Atmospheric noise

  • Light bulb buzz

  • Floors creaking

  • Whispers

  • Music going from normal to "corrupted" when environment switches

  • Glitch transition sound effect


UV's and textures on bookshelves: The book shelf models are coming in optimally into Unreal, but the only issue now is the textures and the UV's are giving me issues. I will be heavily adjusting these in the future as well as putting out more than one wood material iteration to see what I like best.